Why You Should Be Getting Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned in 2020

It’s a scary time in the world, and the procedures we’re meant to be taking to prevent the spread of Covid-19 are unclear and confusing. What is clear is that we need to be taking every precaution necessary as business owners in terms of protecting our customers against the deadly virus, and specifically cleaning for covid-19.

Sure, it’s easy to grab some antibacterial spray and wipe down surfaces, but what about your carpets? Carpets are an incredibly porous surface, and need full and proper decontamination on a regular basis. Just to put it into perspective, your carpet is 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat. Research shows 26.2 million adults have never washed their carpets. Without taking the right steps to sanitize and clean your carpets, your family and patrons are vulnerable to the bacteria.

We provide the leading services in hospital-grade covid-19 carpet cleaning in Bolton. Our carpet and upholstery cleaners in Bolton will provide you with excellent service, providing protection for you, your family or your customers against Covid-19.

So how does carpet cleaning work?

Our carpet cleaning machines use a combination of a strong suction power and high temperatures to make sure to kill any bacteria living on your carpet. Also, this means that your carpets will not be soaking wet at the end of cleaning. Typically, it only takes up to two hours for your carpets to dry. This means you can get straight back to work, and not miss out on any valuable trading hours. We use specialist air movers on each carpet when we have finished cleaning them, which speeds up the drying process substantially.

Our Bolton-based carpet cleaners can also clean any upholstery within your business or home. This will ensure that any high-traffic used areas such as sofas, armchairs, waiting room seating, restaurant seating or otherwise will be rid of any bacteria also. Check out our video showing how we provide carpet and upholstery cleaning in Bolton.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. After using our carpet and upholstery cleaners in Bolton, you are sure to feel safe and secure within your business or home.

We provide a huge range of domestic and commercial cleaning services for coronavirus in Bolton, including:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Rug cleaning
  • Hard floor cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Bio-fogging

Our Bolton based carpet cleaning services team will assess your needs, and deliver an outstanding service for any kind of business or individual. We’re dedicated to providing you with a stand-out cleaning service, and make our operations as streamlined and simple as possible.

We cater to any offices, hotels, shops, retail outlets, doctors surgeries, or even your home. And don’t worry, once we finish cleaning your space, the carpets will be ready to walk on almost immediately.

We also offer a weekend service available at no extra charge.

For more information, contact us on 01204 263 025 or info@safehandscleaning.co.uk.