COVID-19 has taken control of our planet and toppled our lives ultimately during this coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, frequent cleaning is essential in our homes or offices to avoid potential transmission of viruses and dirt on surfaces such as carpets, which are often overlooked.

Why clean carpets?

We know that your carpet is a considerable investment, whether it’s in the home or workplace. A clean house ensures a safe home, and carpet cleaning is essential to prevent the transfer of germs and viruses into your home by cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting carpets. Moreover, companies are returning to their workplaces; the biggest concern for managers will be the health and safety of the workforce.

Why is carpet cleaning necessary during COVID-19?

Coronavirus is transmitted by coughing and sneezing, by close interaction with the droplets in the air of an infected person, and through touching surfaces contaminated by viruses. For several hours up to several days, the virus can survive on soft and hard surfaces such as floors, tiles, slabs, curtains, furniture, and carpets. Hence, cleaning your carpets is very important.

Coronavirus can spread on materials and surfaces, with the potential to live on particular surfaces for up to 3 or 4 days, according to Harvard University. When an infected person coughs downward or even into the air, these virus droplets will spill onto a carpet and stay active for several days.

Luckily, most of the carpet cleaners can destroy the contagion with effective techniques. In this setting, our professional carpet cleaning services will provide the necessary techniques proficient in killing the virus once it is transmitted to carpets.

Why should you choose our Carpet Cleaning Services in Bolton?

We are a professional carpet cleaning company based in Bolton, UK. Carpet cleaning is an important service during the COVID-19 pandemic because carpets can quickly absorb the virus when it is transmitted through cough and sneezing droplets to some spaces of a home. Potential chemical agents and steam cleaners can kill the virus on these regularly used surfaces.

  • Superior Tools, Materials, and Cleaning Techniques

We have endeavoured to provide superior and extensive cleaning services to the Bolton community that offer reasonable prices compared to our opponents. Our professional carpet cleaning services provide useful tools, materials, and techniques that can eradicate the virus through interaction and help clean up the home or workplace throughout the process.

  • High-Quality Carpet Cleaners

We use quality carpet cleaners that clean up to 110 degrees destroying and removing bacteria, germs, dirt and bugs. We utilize hot steam to maintain the best hygiene and sterilization standard for cleaning.

  • Hot Water Extraction Technique

Proper steam cleaning not only improves the quality of your carpets, but also keeps any flooring surface looking amazing, healthy, and free from germs and smells well. Our technique of hot water extraction is a process that is guaranteed by high temperatures to kill any object as tiny as a virus.

  • Environmental-Friendly Chemicals

Our chemicals are environmentally secure and harmless, ensuring that the hot water performs its virus killing job and our chemical agents deliver a comprehensive and effective cleaning to surfaces. We are also able to remove most carpet stains.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning your carpets is vital in such a scenario. However, it is not easy to do it very often. If you need professional support, we are here to get it done for you. We are the best carpet cleaning company in Bolton, UK. Our carpet cleaning staff is qualified, trained, equipped with necessary tools, and uses chemicals that are not dangerous for the environment. Get our help and stay safe after proper carpet cleaning, sanitizing and removing the viruses. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and see how we can help you.