We get asked this question all the time at Safe Hands Carpet Cleaning from our clients and if I am honest I didn’t know the correct answer apart from “More than likely there is a lot of bacteria in your carpet!” There has been quite a few articles in the news recently and the results are not good.  They say on average that a living room carpet has 4000 (Yes 4000) more times dirt in it than a toilet seat! Yuck!

We are also told that there is around 200,000 particles of bacteria per square inch. This does not sound good does it!! You can imagine on an everyday basis that you will bring in faeces, urine, dirt and lots of other nasties in to your home. This will sit there for ages and every day you will bring more and more in. Don’t forget mould and damp will join the party too! Was little Billy sick the other day and you just wiped it up? Trust me it will still be on your carpet no matter how to tried to clean it off with hot water and a well-known antiseptic disinfectant! Please also don’t forget about the allergens for example pollen and dust. I could go into more detail here but you get the picture. 

The solution: Safe Hands Carpet Cleaning – Bolton

The simplest thing to do is have your carpets professionally cleaned by a local carpet cleaning company like us at Safe Hands Carpet Cleaning Bolton. We use high powered commercial carpet cleaning machine’s. We don’t use toys! Carpet stain removal is another of our specialities!

Please check out our website for plenty of before and after shots and numerous videos showing what comes out of peoples carpets. We strive to be the best carpet cleaning company in Bolton.

We have hundreds of 5 star reviews on various websites so feel free to check them out.

We are very knowledgeable at Safe Hands so feel free to ask us any question relating to carpet or upholstery cleaning and we will be more than happy to help you. We don’t apply hard sell tactics and the price you get quoted is the price you pay on the day. We have a very fair and transparent pricing structure and with all our 5 star reviews you can be sure we know what we are doing and get you the best results you can get. We look forward to hearing from you.