Smithills Hall, Bolton

Smithills lies on the northwest of Bolton, 14.5 miles south of Blackburn and 11.9 miles northwest of Manchester in the county of Lancashire. It was in ancient times a manor in the township of Halliwell, with it being the main manor house. Its initial name was Halliwell Higher End but changed to the current one in the year 1894 and was made to be one of the civil parishes of the Bolton Rural District then later became part of the County Borough of Bolton.

Smithills Hall is situated in some 120 acres of formal gardens, parkland and pasture. It has served as a venue for a number of historic events including one in the year 1554, where a local preacher by the name George March was examined here before being tried for heresy in Chester. It is now owned by the Bolton Council and is always open to the public.

The area around this hall is currently a residential area with an estimated population of 14,011 individuals, according to the last statistics collected during the 2011 census. This ward, where the hall is located, has also been represented in the House of Commons. MP Chris Green was the one responsible of this representation them back in the year 2015.

The hall also has an open court and also a Great Hall which happens to be the oldest structure in the building. The ancient look that the hall has adds to its magnificent beauty and uniqueness causing it to become an attraction to many. It even has an in-built tea room where visitors can choose to relax.
Smithills hall is next to a big town where the Smithils Dean Church of England Primary which is a school for pupils between the age of four and eleven is, and also Smithils School which is a secondary school for both boys and girls at the age of eleven to sixteen. These schools are of a high class, having well-performing students. A visit at the Smithills hall will put you in their path and anyone wishing to take their kid their will find it easy to access it.

There is surely no doubt that touring the Smithills hall will educate you in ancient ways of building since the hall has been there since time immemorial, and yet give you the opportunity to learn about the history of Boston firsthand.

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