Smithills, Bolton

Smithills is largely a residential suburb of Bolton in Great Manchester, England and is home to Smithills Open Farm.. Smithills is a word derived from Old English, meaning smooth hill. Smithills is located a few miles from Bolton town. Smithills is well known for its agricultural history. The agriculture declined with time, and the locals of Smithills ventured into coal mining.

The geographical location of this suburb made stone quarrying a viable venture. This suburb is a knit of moorland, farmland, and grassland. Its magnificent views can be enjoyed from Bolton and the Great Manchester. Its prominent landscape can be identified by the broadcasting transmitted erected on a nearby hill.

This suburb can be easily accessed by public means of transport, which is by train or bus. However, the train’s final stop is at Bolton town. Self-drive is also another option to access the suburb. The roads from Bolton are well tarmacked and signed to help get to Smithills with ease.

Things to enjoy in Smithills;

  • Nature trails. The Smithills small streams meandering in the woodlands make the nature trails breathtaking. People can access some of these trails by walking or cycling. This activity has been adopted by locals largely. The landscapes in this suburb make the views spectacular, with some raised spots to catch sunsets. Summer, you get to enjoy penetrating rays from the canopy of the woods and in autumn, some bright colors.
  • Historical sites. The Smithills houses some sites rich in history. Things like statues and museums. The most famous museum is the Smithills Hall. It’s a manor house built with timber and stones which were mined in the Smithills quarry.
  • Wildlife. The Smithills is rich in wildlife. This includes birds, animals, and trees. Some of the bird species are cuckoo, bullfinch, song thrush, among others. Sometimes though not rare, one can spot a deer in the grasslands.
  • Parks. Smithills has some parks with it. These parks are mostly free of charge to access them well located for easy access by locals and tourists. The parks have recreational activities for both adults and children. Most have play areas, cafes, and ice cream vans, making these parks family-friendly.
  • Photography. For a photography enthusiast, the Smithills is an excellent place for exploration. Mainly because of its landscapes, wildlife, and changing seasons. The woods harbor wildflowers, sprouting fungi with different symmetry, and some squirrels foraging.Smithills is a suburb with a countryside taste surrounded with adventure making visitors and locals explorers
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