Hall i’ th’ Wood Museum, Bolton

The Hall i’ th’ Wood Museum represents what the town of Bolton is all about; Passion, vigor, and more importantly, the aesthetic nature. The history of this museum dates back to the 16th century when the original structure was made of timber.

A few decades later and this once small wooden house is now an extensive mansion thanks to efforts by the locals. Interestingly, the Hall i’ th’ Wood Museum is not one big gentry house. Instead, it is divided into four distinct dwellings each fitted with its separate entry and staircase.

Although no one currently resides there, rooms inside the museum undergo careful refurbishing to make the place look more habitable. Whether it’s the fine-paneled oak all around the house, the ornate plasterwork in the kitchen, or the Brownlow cozy bedrooms the atmosphere around the house is appealing.

While the look is captivating, the museum also boasts of an array of activities for friends and family like:
Archeology Day

If you enjoy taking a deep dive into Britain’s archaeological history, this is an event you don’t want to miss. Besides, learning about essential ancient artifacts there are other fun activities to keep you glued such as mosaic making where you gather small colored materials and arrange them in a sequence to establish a beautiful color pattern, object and coin handling, flint knapping just to name a few.

This event has been on track since 2012 and takes place every second Saturday of the month.
Currently, there are COVID-19 protocols in place to keep safe everyone who participates.
Worm Whispering

Children and adults aged five and above have their work cut out for them when they visit the museum. This little-known sport involves strolling the Hall i’ th’ Wood Museum, looking for different varieties of worms.

If you’re a free spirit that loves to explore the wild, you can catch this event in the afternoons.

Ghost Investigation

Being such an old relic, it is possible that ghosts from the 16th century still wander inside the museum halls. Join multitudes of adults on this adventure thrill that guarantees a heart-throb. To participate you need to submit your details for consideration.
Halloween Spooks

During Halloween, visitors get a treat into the spooky side of the museum. Explore the museum in total darkness while taking quizzes about the house. You also engage in spooky fun activities that keep you elated for the most part.

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