Eagley, Bolton

Eagley is a little-known hamlet in the district of Bolton. New houses and structures have come up in the recent past even though it is a small town. This feature has attracted investors who do not fancy the hectic city life. Eagley’s construction started in the 19th century like other towns in the locality and it still has its English nature to date.

Eagley town is also known as a mill town thanks to its past cotton mills companies. One of the most common structures here is the Eagley Mills which is found next to a village built specifically for its workers. However, most of the remaining mills now act as residential places.

Eagley has a Bridge Mill that is found in the southern area. Most people believe the name Eagley came because of the eagles sheltering at the cliff even though others argue that it was the cliff that led to the city’s name. This is because many people know it as the ‘high cliff’. This place is known mostly because of its famous Eagley Bridge
The Eagley Bridge School came up in the early 1970s, and it consisted of a school and a house both found at the bottom of Hough. As time passed, this place turned into a private residence. There is a school behind the Eagley mill and by 1870, it had a population of around 600 pupils. Many people believe the tunnel joining the Infant school and the mill was used by children who worked partly as millers.

There is a Dame School at the lane’s peak and on its left side, a hut used by the elderly to read. The Bolton Museum is among the most common structures in the area and it was constructed in the early 1950s. This structure is home to some of the most precious artifacts in England. It hosts one of the most ancient aquariums in the county. Bolton areas were governed by two constables before its incorporation in 1839. Bolton boasts serene environments that are ideal for nature walks among other leisure activities.

The world is slowly catching up after the pandemic and Bolton is not an exemption, its social amenities are back to offering services such as the church, bars among others. Besides the Bolton museum, there is the Le Mans Crescent that began in 1940. It houses several specimens among other important artifacts.

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