Chew Moor, Bolton

Chew Moor is a small country town found in Bolton district. Even though it is an ancient town, in the past few years we have seen houses and massive structures develop; this has made it the ideal place for anybody who wants to settle away from the noisy bustle of major towns.

Early information states that it started as a community of villages whose environs were the farms of the Middlebrooks. It is believed that workers who lived in this place earned a living by working in the surrounding farms. They mostly kept poultry and planted crops for their families’ use.

These cottagers also weaved cotton for a living, they brought these products from Liverpool. There were also warehouses in the greater Manchester area and the Chew Moor area that housed over 110,000 workers. All family members were involved in spinning the cotton, both the old and young. John Chadwick created a mill in 1850 that created lots of employment for the locals. It was hard to find work at that time because the mining industry was a bit low.
The Bolton railway that linked Bolton to Preston started in 1840 and ended in 1842. The railway station is in use to date. Even though building the railway was a great idea, not everyone welcomed it. The railway made traveling easier but the locals lost their lands in the process, this led to an outcry. They tried applying for compensation but it never materialized.
One, Mr. William lost close to 50 acres of land and had to wait for three years for the railway’s construction to complete, before accessing his land on the other end. The bridge was built and is currently being used by farmers accessing the fields.

There are several places to wine and dine in Bolton such as the cozy cafeterias and eateries. It also has open farms and other recreational spots that act as tourist attraction sites. Suppose you want to take a stroll in the district, you might consider visiting the famous museum that hosts some of the most precious ancient tools in the country’s history.

The area also boasts massive shopping area spots catering to all shopping fanatics. Last but not least is the Smithills hall, an ancient structure on the northern side of the region. It boasts over 3000 acres of land, most of which are used for recreational purposes. With the above information, Chew Moor is more familiar and it is now possible to visit it.

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