Moss Bank Park, Bolton

Moss Bank Park is a public park in Bolton, Greater Manchester, England. It has been awarded a national standard among other public parks in the United Kingdom. Sitting in an area of approximately 34 hectares, Moss Bank Park is known for its closeness to the Bolton town around three kilometers away and other attractions that come with a park like Moss Bank Park.

The following are some of the activities to enjoy in Moss Bank Park.

  • Play area. The play area is divided into two, where the smaller kids and older kids use different playgrounds. One playground has play towers, swings, and a large sandpit to make it favorable for the younger kids to play in. Then the other playground has things like climbing walls, rotating seesaw, and even a stepping log trail. Another great plus to the playground is the inflatable slide and a carousel.
  • Cycling and walking. The tracks are of good terrain, and one can enjoy cycling or even a walk as you enjoy the sun or catching up with friends and family. There are rose and rock gardens which are spectacular to watch individually or as you walk your dog.
  • Miniature railways. The trains are amusing to the children who get to be entertained by them.
  • Picnic. The Moss Bank Park has a lot of open space that is neat and tidy, rendering it convenient for picnics, especially if you are on a low budget. There is also a café on-site, which offers more convenience to access snacks and drinks or even walk in for lunch. You can enjoy a picnic as you watch a sunset or while stretching out.
  • Mini-golf. The Moss Bank Park has a mini-golf area on site. This has been possible because of the large open grass area. This means more activity options for the adults.

The Moss Bank park has car parking space that is large and free. There are toilets on site managed by some of the workers working in the park. This park is a massive contribution to social recreation in Bolton. Given this Covid19 pandemic time, Moss Bank park has been more appreciated because of the ample open space. Locals can use the park for jogging, catching fresh breath, or even beating off cabin fever and connect with nature. The Moss Bank Park is a fairly modest park that remains to serve the locals and tourists in Bolton.

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