This year has been strange, for most of it we’ve spent countless hours inside, getting to know our friends and family members even better, whether you thought that was possible or not.

As a result of Covid-19, a strand of the coronavirus, we’ve learned more about germs and viruses than any other year, and most notably, have uncovered that washing your hands really is the cure to everything – as long as you sing happy birthday and encourage others to do so, too.

This article will discuss what 2020 has taught us in regards to maintaining a clean environment, a topic that has never been so relevant. Simultaneously, we will touch on what to expect in the new year, 2021, a year full of hopes and aspirations, and hopefully, very little of the virus. And maybe, just maybe, the happy birthday song will be reserved for its rightful day.

Lots and lots of cleaning

Whether you like it or not, regular cleaning is essential to kill the virus, ensuring it does not live in your home or can be passed from person to person. According to the World Health Organization, Covid-19 can live on surfaces for as little as two hours and up to nine hours. These surfaces vary, however, include carpets, household furniture such as sofas, beds, and mantle pieces. Basically, if you can touch it, chances are it can also pass the virus.

For the safety of your household and community, it’s essential to maintain a clean environment. This is especially true if operating out of a commercial space, perhaps a supermarket store or other small and crowded place. Many businesses and organisations implemented vigorous cleaning schedules in an attempt to subdue the virus as best as possible, with regular cleaning taking place up to every 30-minutes in hot spot areas such as bathrooms and communal living areas, such as University halls.

We can expect this vigorous cleaning schedule to continue into the new year, not only to reduce the spread of the virus, but because we’ve realised just how disgusting we all are. Like seriously, why weren’t we watching our hands so strenuously before?

We’re perhaps busier than we initially realised

Far too often, we let life cruise on past, taking care of daily chores, work, and balancing family life while on the verge of burnout. During the recent and ongoing pandemic, you may have noticed that you’re perhaps busier than you initially realised. Especially now you’ve got homeschooling on your hands, too… a nightmare that is hopefully past and not brought back into play in the new year.

With this newly found realisation, it may be worth investing in professional domestic cleaning to tackle those difficult jobs, including upholstery. Not only does this save you time and stress, but as it is done in a professional manner, you needn’t worry about missing a spot or two – we have you covered

The safe hands cleaning Bolton team are able to provide you with various cleaning services to make your life that little bit easier, especially during these trying times. Firstly, we offer various upholstery services, providing a deep clean for various surfaces and objects, including sofas, carpets, pet hair removal, and general bacteria and germs elimination. Second, we also provide domestic and commercial carpet cleaning along with Biofogging, ensuring your work or home is free of germs and harmful bacteria, creating a clean and safe space for employees and customers.

Stay at home, purchase carpet cleaning services, and save lives

As previously mentioned, coming into the new year, we all need to do our part to subdue the virus, protecting one another and ensuring the country does not enter a third lockdown. For now, we can expect social distancing measures and the use of face masks to continue, at least until early spring and perhaps into summer and next Christmas. How long these will be required for is unknown; however, at least things are beginning to look up with vaccines beginning to be enrolled to those most vulnerable.

So, do your part: stay at home, purchase carpet cleaning services, and save lives. Or don’t just ensure to keep your house clean routinely, for you, your family, and those most vulendrable.

To conclude

All of our cleaning services, whether commercial and domestic carpet cleaning or upholstery, is conducted with caution and with respect for you and your family. During the virus, and into the new year, we will continue to wear the appropriate PPE, including face masks and gloves to protect those most vulnerable.

Regular cleaning has never been more important, a vital task to protect those we love the most.