Winter in the UK is rough, it’s wet, very windy, and dark for months. If only we would follow suit of animals and hibernate until spring. However, that’s not possible, quite clearly… And also, who would maintain your gutter system?

During these harsh winter months especially, and also year-round, fallen debris, leaves, and an upheave of water may result in blocked gutters. If your gutters are blocked, this presents numerous problems, for example, obvious signs of water over flow, potential damage to your property, or flooding of your garden, amongst other consequences. Can you risk not hiring a professional gutter cleaning service to safely clean your gutters this winter?

Therefore, this article will highlight what damage blocked gutters can cause – if these gutters aren’t cleared early.

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Foundation problems

Firstly, if blocked gutters are left, even if this is for one day or several days, this may result in foundation problems down the line. This is a result of water pouring down your roof, onto your walls, and foundations. If left, this can cause structural damage, perhaps wearing down your roof tiles, or worse, leading to a leak inside your home.

Not only are leaks inconvenient, especially if you’re missing a bucket to collect the water drops, but these can lead up to a build-up of moisture and mould. Mould is dangerous to all those living in the property, perhaps leading to several health concerns and problems if left unattended.

Moreover, if this mould is to build-up as well, you will require a professional to eliminate this in a safe manner – another costly investment.

Infestation of insects

If physical damage is sustained to your property, this may lead to an opening for insects. However, in particular, water is an ideal environment for mosquitoes to live – even in the UK. Unblocking your gutters sooner rather than later reduces the risk of an insect infestation, a scenario we’d all rather avoid if possible.

Furthermore, damp mud and leaves can also be a breeding ground for bees and wasp nests in your blocked gutters. If not attended to quickly, clearing these can become dangerous, a much more difficult task than initially presented

Damage to your property

As previously explained, if your gutters aren’t cleared early, this may cause further damage to your property. If you have a basement or cellar, this could become flooded – the same applies to any rooms below gutter level.

Even if these lower levels are not flooded, they may lead to an increased build-up of moisture, perhaps forming mould in the property. This is dangerous and should be addressed as quickly as possible, avoiding all associated health risks.

Fascia Board Rot

Fascia boards are a key component of your roof, if these become damaged the entire structural integrity of your roof can become damaged. However, as facia boards are typically made of wood, a build-up of water can cause these to rot, damaging the boards.

Moreover, if fascia boards are damaged, this can cause water and moisture to seep into the property, resulting in a leak and posing as a health and safety hazard, especially if contact is made with electronics.

Finally, if these boards are damaged or begin to rot, these will need to be replaced – this can be an expensive and timely process and should be avoided if at all possible by taking the appropriate action sooner rather than later.

Damage To Ceilings & Insulation

It’s not just outside damage you need to worry about, as we’re sure you’re now aware of. Blocked gutters can also lead to ceiling and insulation damage. These are both expensive, complicated, and timely to repair or replace if needed.

For example, if your insulation is damaged, these will need to be replaced in the walls and ceilings – as you’re probably aware, this requires some major work.

Get Your Gutters Cleaned In Bolton Now…

Blocked gutters as a result of severe weather, including wind and rain with a build-up of leaves or other debris can have severe consequences, as previously mentioned in this article. However, mainly, blocked gutters if left unattended will result in property damage, both interior and exterior.

To minimize this damage, it’s essential to take action sooner rather than later, whether that’s taking care of the issue yourself, or hiring an expert team such as Safe Hands Cleaning to unblock your gutters with our gutter cleaning service.