Dogs and cats can damage and limit the life of your carpets due to shedding and dirty paws, and accidents.

There’s nothing like a newly placed, visually beautiful carpet to give your home a warm and welcoming fresh look.

However, keeping your carpets clean might feel like a full-time job when you have animal friends around.

Fortunately, you can take some basic precautions to reduce the amount of wear and tear caused by your pet on your carpets.

Tips To Clean and Care For Your Carpets When You Have Pets

Keep your dog’s paws clean.

Prevent stains and grime from sticking to the carpet by drying wet paws before bringing them inside. Those paw prints are cute, but we only want them to leave a lasting impression on our hearts.

You can use a pet-friendly mat at all doors that lead to the outside to help reduce the amount of mud, dirt, and grime tracked in on your dog’s paws.

Trim your pets’ nails to avoid damage to your carpet

Avoid carpet damage by keeping your pets’ nails cut and filed.

When your dog or cat’s nails are too long, they can catch on the carpet and cause tearing.

Additionally, when your animal runs across the floor, their nails can act like tiny daggers, puncturing and pulling at the carpet fibers.

Trimming or filing your pet’s nails regularly will help prevent this damage to your carpets.

Maintain proper grooming—clean pets mean clean carpets.

Grooming your pets regularly will help you avoid your carpets absorbing their unpleasant odors.

Have you ever gotten down on your yoga mat to take some self-care and been halted mid-downward by a swirl of dirty dog odor?

The stench of a dirty dog has a way of clinging to carpet fibers. Bathing your dog regularly will help you avoid unpleasant smells. Brushing lowers shedding and protects your carpet from pet hair and dander.

Regularly vacuum your carpet to keep pet hair at bay.

Vacuuming your carpet will keep it free of pet hair and dander. Dander weighs down your carpet and traps scents over time. Because pet hair and dander can travel, it’s also good to vacuum under furniture.

Be sure to use a high quality domestic vacuum cleaner, reputable brands include Shark & Dyson.

Be careful of carpet cleaning powders that can include harsh chemicals might be hazardous to you and your dogs. They can also stick to carpet fibers and accumulate over time, creating an ideal breeding habitat for bacteria that cause allergies. Studying labels and seeking natural, ecologically friendly goods with the fewest chemicals is critical. There are many myths when it comes to cleaning carpets!

Deep clean your carpets.

Steam cleaning your carpets is another preventative measure.

Depending on the amount of traffic in your home, having your carpets professionally cleaned between 2 and 4 times a year is advised.

This will aid with the removal of any pet saliva, dander, or stains. Keep in mind that a reasonable cleaning solution should be used to avoid damaging the carpet’s structure. Your carpet must be dried entirely before regular traffic can begin. Mold and mildew can thrive in a rug that hasn’t been given enough time to dry.

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