Bolton Museum Art Gallery & Aquarium, Bolton

Bolton’s history revolves around many things and the Bolton museum is at the center of it all. Initially designed as a public library an acute shortage of books made it impossible to fill the shelves. Instead, locals united to donate precious items and artifacts like old fossils, scientific specimens, and cultural objects.

A couple of centuries later, the museum today, is among the finest in the region offering both a mix of value and experience to its visitors. From the minute you set foot inside the big entrance, there’s a list of fun things to do and places to visit including:
The Library

Regardless of its performance during the 1800s, the locals decided to maintain the library. This was a wise decision as today it serves multitudes of people worldwide who come to visit. Strategically located at the heart of the town, the Bolton library is easily accessible and free for those looking to study.

It has computers and other helpful technology to aid in research. The library is strategically located on the ground floor making it easy to find.
An Aquarium

The Bolton museum aquarium first came to light in 1941. With few species present at the time, the museum relied on fish farmers to supply them with local fish. However, this is not the case today, with the aquarium boasting more than 70 species of fish.

Most of the fish species come from different parts of the continent like Africa and South America. The dominant fish include Ornate Bichir, Red-bellied Piranha, and Pygmy Glass.

Feeding takes place twice a week for the bigger fish and two times a day for the smaller ones. The water is always fresh as there’s a waste disposal system in place. In case of injuries, the fish are in safe hands as well.

The aquarium is in the basement and as such, you may not spot it immediately upon entering.
Art Gallery

The art gallery is often the icing on the cake for those who visit Bolton museum. With a vast collection of ancient artifacts ranging from Egyptian mummies to a huge dinosaur skeleton by the entrance, this area is more about fun and learning.

Art exhibitions are also available in this section with the museum hosting work from some of the most talented artists of the past and present generation. The exhibit also features more than 60,000 botanical specimens and much information about the town’s cultural heritage.

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