Bolton Little Theatre

Bolton is a town in Greater Manchester, England. Bolton was known for textile production since time immemorial, until recent years where the economy has evolved to communication and manufacturing industries. The people of Bolton are considered to be the friendliest people in England.

The town hosts a famous theatre called Bolton Little Theatre, which was established in 1931. It is situated close to the heart of Bolton town. The theatre offers live music, comedy, professional plays, and so much more. It was born as a result of thespians of the Bolton Dramatic Society who needed a theatre under their own control. Since then, their determination to present extant and classic drama over the years has made the Bolton Little Theatre popular. This theatre is divided into two; the main proscenium auditorium and Forge theatre, which is more intimate. The locals, over generations, value this gem in their town and are the largest consumers of Bolton Little Theatre content. To sustain its value, the theatre run workshops that entail recruiting interested young people into the theatre.

However, Bolton Little Theatre is an amateur registered charity, and it relies on donations, membership fees, and tickets for sustainability. It houses a small bar that its customers can enjoy tea, coffee among other well-priced drinks, which are served at intervals on performance nights, and enjoy a pleasant ambiance before and after play. After the play, actors make appearances in the bar to interact with their audiences. The theatre encompasses intimacy and warmth because of its size and the volunteers running it. It’s a family theatre, meaning, depending on the play, you can comfortably tag the children along and enjoy a good play. For live music, the subtitles are displayed on a screen, and therefore the audience can sing along.

Its closeness to a bus station and car parking makes it easier to access and also given some days the parking are free, makes it an option to wind down a day. Tickets to enjoy a play are quite affordable.
Bolton Little Theatre audience has numerous support from Bolton, but over time it has become a tourist attraction. The building is ancient though renovated its hasn’t lost that old touch. The seats are arched and wooden, just like old times. Tourists can easily access it from Manchester in public transport or self-drives as you enjoy the moorland scenery, great views, and fresh air.

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