Tonge, Bolton

In the heart of Bolton district, Manchester, England, lies the beautiful town of Tonge. The name Tonge comes from an ancient English word ‘tang’ which means a folk at a water place. There are two main places in Tonge, called Tonge Moor and Tonge Fold. Tonge Fold is situated above River Tonge, a place that has several river banks that have sites worth research.

Tonge was a section of Lancashire in the ancient days, and it also served as a mine especially for coals. Tonge area has 3 primary schools namely;

  • Castle Institution
  • Tonge Institution
  • Moorgate Institution

Even if there are lower grade schools in the region, Tonge lacks a high school, but there are some famous institutions there such as; Turton and Sharples Institutions. Like other towns in the northwest of England, Tonge has lovely countryside that is ideal for nature walks and camping. Among the most common structures found here is the Hail I’ th’Wood. This is a manner house built in the early 15th century, this structure once housed Crompton in the 18th century.

William Livery later purchased this house in 1899 but he later surrendered it back to the Administration at Bolton in the early 1900s. Tonge has a public cemetery that was planned and opened by William Henderson in 1855 among other known buildings. Tonge has a park with several types of equipment suitable for children in all age categories. You can also play football or basketball here thanks to its multi-gaming areas.

Bolton is a big town found in the Greater England area. It is a section of Lancashire historically. This place is known as a mill town, and it has produced textile products since the 15th century. The introduction of these textile structures was a key factor that led to the town’s development. Its massive cotton production made it become among the largest cotton spinners in the globe.

Many big towns surround the Bolton district although they came together to form a metropolitan. The town area of the district has a population of around 140,000 people while the exterior parts have around 270,000 people. Bolton started as a small town and developed into an outpost before it got its status as a borough. Bolton Football club is situated here and it boasts a lot of trophies and participation in top leagues. Touring the Tonge area is easier with the above information because you know bits about it.

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