Barrow Bridge, Bolton

Barrow Bridge is a village found in the exterior parts of the Bolton district. It started as an industrial revolution area but with time, it became a private residence because of the destruction of mills. The cotton mill in this place was started by John who later built 14 houses for the mill workers. However, in the early 1830s, Richard purchased the mills and later destroyed them, what followed was the Dean Mills construction, a mill powered by steam that is found in the eastern side of the village at its entrance.

They created an area for the workers to reside at the top of the hill and a pile of stones was the only way to access it. Here, there were shops, schools, and other amenities to cater to the worker’s needs. The manager’s houses were found at a stone throw’s distance from the mills. In 1961, William Callender purchased the mill, but it ceased to function after his death.
The Barrow Bridge region belonged to Halliwell Township. This place is situated in the northern region of Bolton and its location enables it to acquire water flowing from Dean Brook. There has been a construction of a water reservoir which has greatly increased the water capacity. Its construction began in the early 1950s like other major towns in the borough.

The Barrow Bridge is known for its serene spots at the end of the village that are ideal for walks and picnics. It also has a waterfall that is mostly ignored due to its little water. In the early 1960s, there was an industrial revolution in the area and only one chimney remains today, the Barrow Bridge Chimney. It now acts as a local landmark and it also attracts a lot of tourists.

Other noticeable features include the Barrow Bridge Boating Lake. This is a tiny space situated at Barrow Bridge’s car park and it is traced back to the 19th century. This boating lake was used by locals for many years in ancient times. Bolton district is full of life and it acts as a major tourist attraction. There are many spots you can chill at here, such as great entertainment and sporting spots. It even has a football club that participates in the national league. There are lots of canals and boats in the area and you can never run out of fun ideas here. It also boasts many museums that house some of the greatest artifacts in the country’s history.

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